Inspire Employees to become more Productive..

Motivating and stimulating employees in Nigeria is a very tricky job and money doesn’t just cut it anymore.

To stimulate your employees and make them always ready to put in their passion, sweat and blood into your business takes more than just a paycheque at the end of every month. This article should help you get there by highlighting some of the things you may have been overlooking.

Show them respect: Showing your employees respect should be your number uno priority as an employer. Showing employees you respect them builds their self-esteem. It shows them that they are highly valued, which in turn makes them work harder for you and pour in their energy and time into executing the projects you have assigned them. This respect also flows from your organisation to your customers, as your employees will in turn respect your customers.

A lot of employers are afraid to show respect because they fear that if they show their employees how valued and irreplaceable they really are — they will become big-headed and difficult to work with. This might be true in some cases but can easily be corrected through cautionary and disciplinary channels. Even so — maybe you were not the right employer for them in the first place. Reprimand your employees in private and praise them in front of other employees and see what difference this will make in your business.

Spoil them a little: When was the last time you did something fun with all your employees? I mean — have you had a work Christmas party in the last 5years? Sometimes we get too caught up with work we forget the little things that make life worthwhile. Simple things like taking your top employees out to lunch with you every now and again can work wonders for your business. You can stimulate healthy competition in your workplace and drive up sales. Don’t be afraid to spoil your employees every now and again — they’ve earned it.

Give them responsibility: “A person will work harder for recognition than for money.” D. Carnegie. Money is good — but recognition strokes their human ego better. Giving your employees higher responsibilities makes them feel important. It also shows them that your company takes them seriously and there is room for them to grow higher in your organisation. Publicly recognising your employees also shows them that you value their contribution to your organisation. This in turn will stimulate them to work harder for you.

Show them why your business exists & how their duties contribute to your business: Employees often know what their employer’s business does and how their employers achieve this. But the question that would stimulate them to work their hardest if they knew the answer to — they rarely know; why do we do what we do, thus why does our business exist? Up until employees answer this question, researchers have found that they will not really understand the point of their work and your organisation. Employers can help employees answer this question by bringing in qualified help to consult and draft up modules which will help employees discover how their roles contributes to the organisations overall goals at large and also how their organisation contributes to the society. This discovery helps stimulate employees as it shows them that their role involves a higher calling that transcends money.

Show your employees the love, care and respect you would expect from an employer if you were in their shoes. This could be all the advice your business needs to move from a struggling business to a stable and profitable business. The best asset any business has is the team. Start investing in your most valuable asset — your people.