Hiring is the trickiest play in the book + one that founders fear the most. Every startup founder sees their startup like their child and entrusting that child to someone else can be difficult. What you want to do — is to get it right the first time.

The first…

A business partner is possibly the most important decision you would make in your career. Just like it is with finding a life partner — a cofounder can make/break your business. This concise note will highlight what to look out for in your search + more importantly show you where…

In the book — The Culture Code: Daniel Coyle outlines three simple techniques for building great culture: arguing that: “Great cultures are formed + sustained not by the skills of individual members, but by the relationships between members. Here’s how we achieve this:

i. Establish Purpose: Culture focused organisations use…

Christian Reuben

I help startups build people.

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